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We provide exceptional health and wellness for people that have tried the standard approaches and have been left with unresolved issues.  We focus on those clients that want to be listened to and heard by their providers to get real long lasting solutions that allow people to live the lifestyle of their choosing.  We have strong opinions on what Physical Therapy is and how it should be delivered and your experience with us will be vastly different then you

What You May Have Experienced Before

  • Providers are over-scheduled and often treat 3-4 patients per hour.

  • Over-scheduled providers do not have the time to necessary to properly listen and hear what their clients say.

  • Over-scheduled providers do not have the time to continually assess the client's response to treatment DURING the treatment and make real time instant changes to the treatment program.

  • When you are not making progress there is no change to the treatment plan- you continue to do the same program and hope for a different result eventually.

  • You may spend 10 minutes with the skilled provider, but the bulk of your treatment is delivered by an unlicensed technician. 

  • Most of the program are simple exercises that you can be doing at home.

What You Will Experience Here

  • Your first appointment is listening to your story, whatever is pertinent to where you are now.  Frequently injuries in the past can feed forward to problems now.  We can only decide where the best place to start is from listening to your story.  This may be the most important assessment in deciding what to assess and treat.

  • Appointments are 100% 1 on 1.  From when you walk in to when you leave, you spend the entire session with the provider.  No techs, unlicensed staff or mid-level staff are involved with your care.

  • A treatment plan is developed for you based on your story and the assessment- there are no "cookie-cutter" approaches at Full Potential Physical Therapy

  • We employ a different skill set not seen in the LC Valley.   We believe joints, muscles, nerves, organs soft tissue all have to move and have the brain control that movement.  Most of the time those relationships are not evident. 

  • We look for " Who is driving the bus ie the culprit" to treat a problem.  We do not only treat "who was hit by the bus- ie the victim". For example, someone with a right shoulder issue (the victim) may be having a liver issue or a neck issue (the culprit) that needs to be treated for the shoulder to resolve

  • Since the Provider stays with you the entire session, lack of progress or lack of immediate changes are always problem-solved on the fly during the session and every session if needed.

  • We respect your time.  Sessions are 40 minutes and not any longer.  We start your appt at the scheduled time.  We are never late.

  • Since we are more efficient in our treatment delivery, you are scheduled for less frequently occurring appointments.  In our opinion very few conditions require treatment delivered 3x a week.  In fact, many people are only scheduled Once a week and some once every three weeks.  

  • Since treatments are more efficiently delivered, generally, goals are met with fewer sessions saving you time and money.

  • We firmly believe that everyone has the potential to be better, feel better, move better, hurt less and we work hard to help you achieve your full potential

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